ZFW fencing club is the largest and most successful club in the UK. ZFW coaches and nurtures children from as young as 6 years to realise their potential and achieve their goals by organising coaching at a number of national and international competitions.


Nurturing Athletes

ZFW Chelsea nurtures children and teenagers of all backgrounds to achieve their potential in fencing. The athletes compete in competitions all around the world, with many medals being won. ZFW believes that fencing equips children and young people with skills for life. Fencing helps build resilience and teaches people to deal with conflict through goal setting, performance training, self-discipline, motivation, competing and learning to cope with success and failure, adopting a 'sportswoman' like approach. We focus on good manners, respect and team spirit.


Zayd El-Saie

Zayd is thirteen years old, born and raised in the UK, with Egyptian heritage and Pakistani. Zayd started his fencing career at the age of seven, initially in Epee, and went on to become the U10 Epee British Champion. After starting Sussex House School, aged eight, Zayd found his passion for Foil. Zayd has trained with Ziemiek Wojciechowski since 2016 and more recently Alex Tofalides. His achievements include U9 1st in the UK and U11 1st in the UK. Aged thirteen Zayd qualified for the England squad but had to take time out after a fractured arm and exams. Zayd is now thriving at KCS and reigniting his fencing. Zayd loves drawing, lego and justice league comics. In summer 2017 Zayd volunteered to assist with coaching fencing to children and adults affected by the Grenfell tragedy.


Faaris El-Saie

Faaris is eleven years old, born and raised in the UK, with Egyptian and Pakistani heritage. Faaris started fencing at the tender age of six, initially with Tom Hendrie of Sussex House. He currently attends Sussex House School and trains at ZFW Fencing Club with Team GB Olympic coach Ziemek Wojciechowski and his team of coaches. Although Faaris had dabbled with Epee and Sabre, he is a foilist at heart. Faaris won the U10 Foil British Youth Championships in 2017. When asked how it felt to be a British champion, Faaris said that "it took a lot of effort and hard work but it feels amazing. I would love to be in the Olympics one day." His other achievements include LLJS London Foil U11 1st, KEP Paris Marathon U11 3rd and Wroclaw Poland U11 15th. Faaris also loves swimming with CWSC, skateboarding and football. He is a keen musician, now on Grade Four violin, and a natural public speaker. He loves lego, tech and computer games. In July 2017 he volunteered at fencing and culture camps for Grenfell communities.


Ethan ‘Iggy’ Zazo

Iggy is fourteen years old and he was born and raised in the UK. He goes to ASL (American School in London) and he started fencing when he was eight years old. It was in fact an open day at his school that inspired him to take up fencing. He got to know a little more about fencing at the open day and thought it was something that he would like to try. To date he has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, both as an individual and in a team. His goal is to fence for his country at international level.

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