Fatima is one of many silent heroines inspiring the community in the aftermath of Grenfell. Her close friends and sewing craft club partner, Fauzia, passed away with her three children. Together we will keep their memory alive and remember the songs, the food and the friendships we lost through a small and intimate sew, stitch and knit programme in 2018.


Girls doing fencing

Here we can see a group of girls learning how to fence. We had girls teaching and girls taking part. This is a sport that all the girls taking part had never had the opportunity to learn before and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Fencing is a noble sport that requires a lot of discipline and skill. The girls took to it really well and enjoyed the precision involved. We were helping to promote health and wellbeing through keeping the girls active and, despite being tired, they all left the lessons with big smiles on their faces!


Girls doing science

Here we can see a group of girls doing science. The girls loved expanding their knowledge, learning about new experiments and then testing them out for themselves. Many of the girls we met were great at taking initiative and they got to grips with the different topics effortlessly. They were very enthusiastic about learning and many of them had big ambitions for the future, which we have no doubt they will achieve!


Girls doing interior design

Here is a picture of the girls who attended our interior design workshop in summer 2017. The girls let their creative talents flourish and produced some beautiful pieces. It was a lovely summer’s day filled with smiles and positive energy. The girls learned how things can be designed and developed, to then be sold if they wanted to do so. Some of them felt that this may be something they would like to do in the future. The day clearly helped to inspire the next generation of budding designers!


Sew, Stitch & Knit Club

We have started a Sew, Stitch and Knit club at The Curve, alongside Fatima Bourenane. Fatima used to run a similar club with her friend Fauzia. Fauzia and her three children passed away in the Grenfell Tower. This Sow, Stitch and Knit club has been set up to honour her memory and to continue the important work that Fatima and Fauzia were doing before the tragedy. At present all the members are women and they very much value attending the club every week. It is an opportunity for them to bond with each other, support each other and develop the important skills of design and development. We are also helping the women explore how they would market the pieces they make and how they could potentially turn this into a business. Watch this space!

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