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Miriam, who has been displaced by Grenfell, is from Morocco. She came to our Christmas camps at The Curve feeling rather low in mood. However, she was keen to get involved in all our activities, taking part in arts & crafts, storytelling and mapping her migrating story. She loved our polaroids. She said, ‘they feel like real people in the wall.’ She said she had no idea that so many people at The Curve were from Morocco. Through taking part in this activity Miriam had a new-found appreciation for her heritage and those of others at The Curve. Through engaging in various activities Miriam's spirit began to improve and her creative talents really began to shine through.



This photo is of Miriam and Khadija.

Khadija is from Algeria. She has been displaced by Grenfell and is living in a hotel. Khadija was keen to get involved with storytelling and she spent one of the days at The Curve telling stories to others there. She is an amazing storyteller and narrator.

Both Miriam and Khadija have faced adversity. However, they let their creative energies flourish at our Christmas camps and made some friends along the way. This aided the girls' healing processes and they both felt more positive about the future at the end of the two weeks than they had done when they joined the camps.


Storytime in the Healing Pod

Story time at The Curve - inspiring and nurturing children affected and displaced by Grenfell. Our Healing Pod created a quiet and harmonious environment so that the children could immerse themselves in the stories without distractions. Listening to and telling stories is a good way to escape, but it can also be a helpful way for children to process their emotions. Story time was a highlight of our Christmas camps, with many children expressing their pleasure in taking part.



Six-year-old Santana came to our healing pod in the summer of 2017. During our Healing Grenfell campaign we offered a pop-up therapy space for anyone affected by the tragedy to talk to qualified therapists in a confidential, safe and tranquil environment. Santana lived in and volunteered for Grenfell. When she arrived she expresses feelings of darkness, confusion, anger and sadness. However, after her chat in the healing pod she felt 'calm' and her heart felt 'soft and healthy.' It was clearly beneficial for Santana to be able to explore her feelings surrounding the tragedy with an empathetic professional.


A young girl with a passion for science

We ran a Healing Grenfell summer kids camp in 2017. We provided a range of activities, including arts & crafts, sports, exploring heritage & culture and science. At the Chelsea Youth Centre there was a young girl who absolutely loved science. Every day she asked what science experiments she would be taking part in that day. It was clear that she is a very curious and bright child. Our camps allowed these characteristics to flourish.



Kusha is seven years old, originally from Iran and raised in London. He attended our kids camps in summer 2017. Kusha is enthusiastic for all things learning and helps to keep everyone engaged in the activities being offered with his positive energy and active engagement. Here he is at the Science Museum at Oxford University examining a sample under the microscope. Kusha has a passion for science and anything mathematical, so this day out was certainly a highlight for him!

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