Intergenerate CIC (formerly NYLA Consulting CIC), based in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) was formally founded in 2014 and emerged out of a growing demand to adopt a more creative and hands-on approach to working with diverse communities across all generations.

Intergenerate CIC specialises in creative and meaningful programmes and projects interwoven across culture & heritage, sports & leisure, health & wellbeing, education & skills, tech & enterprise strategies. We have a particular expertise in culturally nuanced programmes influenced by the EMENASA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & South Asia) regions. We work with charities, community groups, sports clubs, youth organisations, elderly groups, womens organisations, SMEs, creatives industries, artists, designer-makers, sole traders and start-ups to make a lasting impact on people’s lives.


The Story

We were founded in 2014, originally as NYLA Consulting CIC. In 2017, after the Grenfell tragedy we renamed the company to closer reflect the spirit of our core aims - to interweave culture, sport, wellbeing, tech, enterprise and skills led strategies across all generations to benefit all communities, delivering tangible outcomes that impact people’s lives and help them realise their potential.

We have over 15 years experience working with charities, community groups, sports and cultural partners, businesses and local government organisations, successfully delivering innovative, community focused, commercially sustainable services, projects and business models.


The Team

Intergenerate CIC is driven by a small and lean team of disruptors and innovators who care about;

  • delivering meaningful work
  • nurturing potential
  • transformational impact

The team are highly effective staff and volunteers with experience in the corporate world, public, private, voluntary and third sector. Combined, the team have acquired a unique set of skills and experience from world class educational institutions and organisations.


The advisors

We are looking for high performance and caring individuals, young or old, who are passionate about delivering meaningful work, nurturing potential and creating transformational impact.

Are you ready to take a seat?

If you would like to get involved, please contact us on info@intergeneratecic.org with your CV and cover letter, explaining why you would like to get involved and what impact you would like to make.


The Audiences

Our programmes aim to interweave culture, sport, enterprise, skills and wellbeing across all generations amongst diverse communities to avoid polarisation and isolation of any group, adopting a holistic approach to healing the family and community:

Children:      4yrs – 12yrs

Teens & Youth: 13yrs - 16yrs

Young adults:     17yrs – 30yrs

Adults, parents, seniors: 31yrs - 99 yrs


The Impact

Taking preventative action and engaging with children and young people from early on in their lives prevents a wide spectrum of social issues that may negatively impact their lives. We believe that by adopting a holistic approach to working with the family, community, adults and seniors, across intergenerational communities, creates greater cohesion and prevents isolation and vulnerability.

The Intergenerate programmes have been carefully researched, curated and interwoven with world heritage, sport, wellbeing, skills and enterprise led regeneration strategies, wrapped in technology, to have the greatest impact on lives for a sustainable future.

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